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How will clients be affected during Data Mover failover

NFS Clients: NFS is a stateless protocol.A stateless server does not keeps state between connections.NFS version 3 is the standard for NFS and is the most stable and mature version of the NFS protocol. NFS clients will likely see a “NFS Server not responding” message when failover is underway. NFS operation will continue again when failover is completed.

CIFS Clients: A stateful server keeps state between connections. If no file writes are taking place during the time that the Data Mover is failing over CIFS users may not see anything. If a CIFS user tries to start a write while the Data Mover is failing over, the user will see an error and will be prompted to save the file elsewhere. If the user waits a few seconds and re-attempts the save, the user will be successful. If the user was in the middle of a save when the failover starts, the user will get an error, but should be able to restart the save after the failover is complete.

All clients will be affected by Data Mover failover. The question is not will they be affected, but how they respond and can the application tolerate the interruption.



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